Safety beyond the standard
UpSafety is the new concept of Universo in the fire-fighting sector that enhances security by standards. A new line of products, revolutionary in design and built to respond to a degree of safety that goes beyond the regulations.
Design and Safety
For Firefighting professionals
UpSafety: a superior safety choice
The innovative UpSafety Cover and Neck possess many technical advantages that ensure easy application and durability as well as numerous advantages for the safety of people.
UpSafety is compliant with standard portable fire extinguisher regulations.
The Italian Ministerial Decree dated 10 March 98 - point 5.4 - states that “Portable fire extinguishers should preferably be located along the exit routes, near the exits and fixed onto the wall. In any case, the installation of manual means of extinguishing must be noticeable with appropriate signs.
The UNI 9994 standard at point 4.4 letter h) requires the maintenance technician to check that “portable fire extinguishers are not on the floor.”
Safety and easy pick-up
In compliance with the EN 3-7 Standards, the UpSafety Cover and Neck allow the fire extinguisher to be safely placed and easily removed if necessary.
Quick and adjustable installation in lesser space 
The product is supplied with a kit of Fischer plugs suitable for fixing to masonry or plasterboard. The presence of graduated marks on the aluminum profile allows easy adjustment according to the size of the fire extinguisher. UpSafety Cover and Neck guarantee less space requirement of the firefighting station compared to other systems. 
The models
UpSafety Cover and Neck: high safety for fire extinguishers.
The new UpSafety Cover and Neck products have been designed by the Universo Research & Development Department to meet regulatory requirements regarding the positioning of fire extinguishers and the safety of people.
These products are patented.
Our standard solution mounted at the correct height to ensure the safety of children and adults from an accidental drop of the fire extinguishers.
Our standard solution to hang the fire extinguisher with a new system that ensures more outstanding protection to prevent unintended drop of the fire extinguisher by accidental contact of children and adults.
UpSafety Life
UpSafety accompanies your safety
The new UpSafety Cover and Neck systems are supporting our daily lives, ensuring the security of our loved ones at all times.
The new UpSafety Cover and Neck gives you security even in places where specific conditions are required (e.g., the absence of magnetism)
Very crowded places are often a source of danger, and UpSafety Cover and Neck help to give security to people of all ages.
A large number of children and young people must also be safely handled during school hours.
A design object for a security work of art.
UpSafety Cover and Neck Certifications
UpSafety Cover and Neck are certified products that offer a standard of performance and safety that exceeds the normative definitions. More specifically, the products have primarily exceeded the tests carried out as per the regulatory requirements of: 
Salt spray tests
They passed the salt spray test by simulating several years of exposure in highly corrosive environments.
Thermal shock test
The UpSafety Cover and Neck can perform their function in places exposed to sharp temperature fluctuations (-30° / + 60°) without affecting the functioning of any single component.
Load-bearing capacity
On plasterboard walls (up to 50 kg) and masonry walls (up to 65 kg), thanks to the Fischer plug supplied in the mounting kit.
UV resistance tests
The products passed the UV exposure tests according to ASTM D 4329 test standard without any deformation or colour change.
UpSafety is 100% recyclable thanks to the use of aluminum and highly resistant plastics that can be fully recovered, processed and introduced into new production cycles. UpSafety Cover and Neck have been recognized as “Green Gold” by the Universo Gold network.
UpSafety is environmentally friendly
UpSafety is Made in Italy
The UpSafety Cover and Neck are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Italy.
Technical Features
UpSafety Cover assembling
UpSafety Cover installation
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